Upgrading Your Mercedes with Custom AMG Rims

AMG rims for mercedes are a popular upgrade for Mercedes Benz owners looking to add a sporty, customized look to their vehicle. Mercedes AMG models are the high-performance versions of standard Benz vehicles, known for their powerful engines and athletic handling. Installing a set of AMG-style rims is an easy way to make your regular Mercedes look like one of these top-tier performance machines.

What are AMG Rims?

AMG rims for mercedes mimic the wheel designs found on AMG vehicles. They usually have a multi-spoke layout that shows off flashy chrome, black, gunmetal, or custom colored finishes. Larger diameters like 19, 20, or 22 inches are common to fill out the bulging Mercedes wheel wells on coupes and sedans for an aggressive muscular stance.

As an officially licensed product, they are precision-engineered to match Mercedes factory specifications, guaranteeing an exact fitment and maintaining the proper suspension geometry. This ensures there are no vibrations or odd tire wear from non-precise aftermarket wheels. AMG rims are usually thicker and stronger than generic rims too, made to handle the weight and speed of these stately German cruisers.

Benefits of Upgraded AMG Style Rims

So what are the benefits of upgrading your regular Mercedes with proper-fit AMG shoes? Along with style points, there are other advantages:

  • Improved Handling – Lower profile tires and lightweight alloy rims reduce unsprung weight. This allows your suspension to react faster to changes in the road surface, enhancing steering response and cornering grip. Larger diameter wheels can also accommodate bigger brake rotors for shorter stopping distances.
  • Curb Appeal – Attention-grabbing AMG rims make any Mercedes look much sportier even when sitting still in a parking spot. With Mercedes being associated with luxury and status, well-designed wheels amplify those positive qualities in the eyes of others. Distinct multi-spoke rims stand out from lesser sedans with smaller stock wheels.
  • Customization – Whether colored black, silver, or custom painted, AMG-style rims allow you to put a unique signature on an otherwise ordinary Mercedes. Adding a vibrant wheel finish is cheaper than a wrap or new paint job too. Since wheels are large visible surfaces on a vehicle, they provide maximum impact for individualizing your ride.

So while authentic Mercedes-AMG cars are very expensive, regular Joes can upgrade the style and performance of their own Benz affordably with AMG replica wheels. With the peace of mind from an ensured factory-correct fit, it’s a smart mod that elevates the look of any Mercedes older than a few years.

Popular AMG Rim Options for Mercedes

With all the AMG rim choices available from various manufacturers, which ones should you consider to add spice to your Mercedes? Here are a few top contenders that match the OEM style:

  • Rohana RC10 – With sharp split 5-spoke shapes that look amazing on modern Benzes, the Rohana RC10 is one of the hottest rim options. The intricate design showcases dark tinted clear-coated alloy or colorful varieties like red, green, or gloss gunmetal grey. Concave faces expand the styling intent further.
  • Forgiato Maglia – Exotic elite brand Forgiato are also fine wheel artisans, crafting rims like their stunning Maglia. Radiating like a jet turbine, the 3D rotary-forged multi-spokes have tremendous depth, lightness, and strength. Available fully polished or murdered in black, they scream high-end Italian attitude.
  • Asanti AB112 – Displaying a fa??ade of stacked skinny dual 5-spoke layers divided by brightwork, Asanti AB112 rims make for scintillating contrast on subdued AMG models. Their two-tone directional styling turns with the wheel, attracting attention.

So while authentic AMG cars cost well over six-figures, regular luxury Benz owners can emulate their elite spirit at a fraction of that price with replica AMG wheels. See your local Mercedes specialty shop or custom wheel dealer to browse all the possibilities firsthand. With some AMG shoes under your C-Class, E-Class, or S-Class, you’ll have it made in the shade.